Shopping for Inflatable Black Male Dolls for Your Bachelorette Party

Black Bachelorette Party Games

Pin the Hose on the Fireman Black Bachelorette Party Game $10.99
You could also pin the
MERKIN on the Black Fireman!


Ok, the first set of Black Bachelorette Party Supplies comes from, where I found about 10 items that could be called "black bachelorette party supplies." If you are looking for something black and inflatable, is the shop for you. Welcome to my "white girls holding black bachelorette party supplies" photo gallery.

Black Inflatable Penis - $16.99
Inflatable Black Penis

Black Penis Bachelorette Party Balloons - $4.99 (set of 8)
Black Penis Bachelorette Party Balloon

Inflatable Black Male Doll - $31.99
Inflatable Black Doll